Opicians Award Finalist

Serengeti Eyewear

Pioneers of photochromic technology Serengeti are synonymous with advanced lens technology and incredible quality. Since 1985 they have established themselves as the leaders in light-adapting lenses and are renowned for creating undeniably superior
driving sunglasses.

The ability to adapt to changing road conditions is paramount when driving. Their photochromic lenses adjust and adapt to differing light conditions meaning your eyes don’t have to. This combined with their innovative polarisation technology, designed to maximise contrast and clarity while eliminating glare, their lenses ensure you have precise vision in any light.

Constructed to world-class specifications Serengeti’s frames are equally remarkable featuring their very own Signature Hinge technology. This intricate method, exquisitely crafted, guarantees exceptional strength and durability. Their lightweight, comfortable frames are created from the highest standard of materials including titanium and stainless steel, ensuring you can wear them all day without having to worry about the fit or fortitude of your sunglasses.