Opicians Award Finalist

Tom Davies Eyewear

British designer Tom Davies started his illustrious career in a start up eyewear factory in Hong Kong, designing frames and the machinery that made them. Fresh out of university, and in Hong Kong on a whim, Tom was inspired by the notion of making single pairs of glasses, as opposed to repetitive, generic, mass produced designs.

Nine years later, on his return to London, he founded his business making bespoke. Generating an exclusive client list, he was quickly creating a revolution in eyewear. Designing most of the equipment himself, Tom returned to China to set up his own eyewear factory to produce one off, made to order, individual frames. This adventure also marked the start of his ready to wear collections.

Tom Davies believes that eyewear should be handcrafted individually for every unique wearer. So even his ready to wear line are created piece by piece and to a limited number. Usually only around fifty pieces of each design are made, distributed worldwide to ensure his frames remain both exclusive and luxurious.

Whether you choose ready-to-wear, bespoke or all out couture all Tom Davies frames are crafted from some of the worlds best materials. Cotton acetate, titanium and natural buffalo horn are just some examples of the materials he utilises to reach the highest level of quality. Buffalo horn is a unique and natural product that is lighter than acetate, gentler against skin and completely hypoallergenic.  You also have the ability to pick and choose the horn your glasses will be made from, the exquisite natural patterns are then hand cut, finished and buffed to produce some of the most elite frames obtainable.