Opicians Award Finalist

Ray Ban

The Ray-Ban journey began in 1929 after the US Air Force issued a commission for sunglasses that would perform under the extreme conditions faced by pilots. The winning design was the gold Aviator with G15 lenses. The brand name was patented in 1937 and the rest is history. The Aviator design remains the number 1 bestselling sunglasses model today. In 1952 Ray-Ban designed the Wayfarer, their second definitive design, followed by the Clubmaster in 1986. These classics have firmly established Ray-Ban as the best known eyewear brand in the world.

Of particular importance to their success is the Ray-Ban G15 lens. This filter absorbs 85% of visible light ensuring clarity, colour contrast and a ‘natural vision’. Ray-Ban G15 lenses also block out harmful blue light and have a 100% UV coating. Classically available in green, this lens is a pleasure to wear and has become an everyday essential.

Using cutting-edge technology, Ray-Ban has continued to evolve to maintain its must-have reputation. There is a design suitable for everyone from high street to high tech with eyewear available in a range of materials from acetate to carbon fibre. Today Ray-Ban also makes optical frames adapted from their classic designs which appeal to a wide audience. Ray-Ban frames are timeless, iconic pieces worn all over the world, no other brand is as far reaching as Ray-Ban.