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Dry eye assessments at Gregory & Seeley

Dry eye syndrome can affect anyone at any age, which is why we offer private 45-minute dry eye assessments. The assessment includes a full analysis of the front surface of the eye, checking the tear layer, eyelashes, and eyelids, and a full treatment plan. We won't just treat your symptoms, we will also look at the possible causes of your dry eye.

We have specialist equipment such as a Medmont Meridia topographer. Corneal topography is a computer-assisted three-dimensional map of the surface curvature of the cornea. This allows us to see how well your dry eye treatment is working.

We also stock a range of dry eye products so you have everything you need after your consultation.

Symptoms of dry eye include watery eyes, stinging or burning sensation, episodes of blurred vision, and gritty eyes. If you feel you are suffering from dry eye, please call the practice on 01483 272629 to book an assessment today.